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If you are a (travel) blogger or a brand in the travel industry, a tourism board or anyone else who works in travel, let me welcome you to my blog The Social Travel Experiment.

First of all, I would like to tell you that I do enjoy working with others. I am writing The SOCIAL Travel Experiment, after all.

On this work with me page, I will tell you how we might work together, by first introducing my blog, myself and my audience and then ways in which we might work together to the most significant benefit for my audience, you and me (in that order).

About The Social Travel Experiment & Me

The Social Travel Experiment Meeting Locals on a Gap Year Around the World

After living in Japan for over three years, I felt restless and knew I needed a new adventure. That was when I decided to make a trip around the world for one year. It seemed like a good idea to start a travel blog before beginning on this big journey, because who has time to travel full time and learn how to blog at the same time.

So, in May 2017 I set up my blog and used the year until the start of my RTW trip to write about my love for Japan, and my passion for social travel. There was a lot to learn, but eventually, my blog started to grow.

I pitched for my first brand collaboration after only a couple of months, and I was successful in securing a food tour participation. After the tour, I wrote a detailed review of the fantastic experience. The tour operators were happy, I was pleased, and my audience, looking for the best food tour in Taipei where also delighted.

Since July 2018 I am on the road, traveling around the world. In the beginning, it was hard to focus on my blog while on the road, but I have found the right balance. I collaborated with another food tour and a car rental company in August 2018.

If you want to find out more about The Social Travel Experiment and me visit my About page.


My mission is to help busy millennials
have an unforgettable trip around the world
through short stays with locals
without wasting valuable time or money.

I mainly write about travel planning and tips, staying with locals and itineraries as well as experiences in many countries around the world. I especially love participating in food tours!

My website covers countries all over the world, but I am an expert on Japan where I have lived for more than 3 years. The following is a list of all countries for which I currently have content on my website:

I plan on creating more content for the following countries which I have also visited during my trip:

  • Germany
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Malawi
  • Kenya
  • Cambodia
  • Laos


The greatest part of my audience finds my blog via Google Search (63%), and I focus on creating search engine optimized content. Other blog related stats are as follows:

  • Monthly Pageviews: 5670
  • Average Session Duration: 1:09
  • Domain Authority: 26
  • Email Subscribers: 130

Aside from my blog I have the following social media channels in which I can promote your brand:

  • Facebook: 1000
  • Twitter: 3800 
  • Instagram: 340

You can also find the current blog and social media statistics on my Media Kit which I update at the beginning of each month.



How We Could Work Together

Now it is time to talk about what I could do for you and your brand to reach a new audience of world travelers. People who are looking for new experiences and travel equipment for a trip around the world.

Let me help you reach this audience through collaboration.

If You Are a Travel Brand, a Tourism Board or Other Type of Company

I can offer the following types of services on my blog, social media, and your platforms:

  • Product or Service Reviews
  • Sponsored Content or Links
  • Travel Related Advertising
  • Press or Media Trips
  • Freelance Travel Writing

If You Are a Blogger

Hello, fellow (travel) blogger. I have recently decided to open up my blog to guest posts. There are two topics I am especially interested in:
1. Your trip around the world (how much you spent, your biggest challenge, how you changed, etc.)
2. Your experience staying with locals (through Couchsurfing, Workaway or any other network)

If you are interested in writing for me, please find more information about what I expect and what you will get in return on my Guest Post Guidelines.

Past Collaborations

The Social Travel Experiment has already partnered with several brands, spreading the word about amazing experiences and services available in different countries.

Examples of my work with brands are:

Taipei Eats Xinyi Tour Review – the Taipei Food Tour for Social Travelers

My Hong Kong Foodie Tours Review – A Hong Kong Food Tour Packed with Culture, History and Delicious Food

One Week Scotland Road Trip Itinerary Including Destinations, Activities, and Places to Stay

Contact Me

If you want to find out more please have a look at my Media Kit for the newest numbers and contact me via email ( or any of my social media channels.
You can also fill out the form on my Contact page.