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England is probably one of my favorite countries in the world, and so it is no wonder that it was top priority as a destination for my trip around the world. And while I had always loved London, and wanted to see more of it, after visiting other cities like Bath, Oxford, and Cambridge I realized I found the smaller, more English cities much more appealing.

If you are planning on visiting the United Kingdom I recommend you rent a car and drive around the country for as long as you can. I did three weeks and somehow it feels like it wasn’t enough. I will definitely visit again and explore more of the beautiful nature, impressive castles and beautiful architecture.

If you are wondering where else I have been during my trip around the world have a look at the Round the World Travel Destination Blog.

UK Travel Itineraries

One of the beautiful colleges in Oxford

My favorite cities during the trip to the UK were Bath and Oxford, and so it really is no surprise that I went ahead and wrote posts for these cities. I could have stayed longer, and I probably will come back. Doing a masters degree at Oxford University sounds very appealing to me, if it weren’t for the high university fees.

  • Unforgettable Things to Do on a Bath Day Trip: You need to visit the Roman Baths! Okay seriously there is more to the guide than that, but if you take away just one thing, it should be this: You need to visit the Roman Baths
  • One Day in Oxford like a Local: All the activities in this guide were recommendations from an Oxford local who was so kind to take me in and tell me all about her lovely hometown

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The highlight of my time in the UK was my road trip around Scotland, and even though the weather didn’t quite want to be as wonderful as I thought I deserved, I still had an unforgettable time. If you are thinking about organizing a road trip in Scotland, have a look at the post. It might give you an idea of a possible itinerary and definitely has some tips for you if it is your first road trip in the UK.

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