My travel itineraries either tell you what I did at a destination, in order, day by day. But I also have ‘things to do in …’ style posts where I basically list all the activities I did or recommend at a location.

Every itinerary is about a city I spent some time in and that had amazing activities to choose from. I always want to write more itinerary posts. And like I always say: I am working on it, there just aren’t enough hours in one day to write everything I would like to share with you.

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Europe Travel Itineraries

Christ Church College in Oxford

So far I have only written about one destination in Europe. My beloved United Kingdom. Below you can find itineraries on my favorite cities in England and road tip itinerary for Scotland.

Africa Travel Itineraries

I haven’t finished a single itinerary from my time in Africa yet. But I am working on a road trip itinerary for Namibia, a Zanzibar itinerary and a city itineraries of Cape Town, and a couple of cities in Morocco.

Asia Travel Itineraries

Peak Tram going up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Hong Kong



If you want to read more than just itineraries about any destination, head over to the Round the World Travel Destination Blog and choose your favorite destination.

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