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This blog is a collection of all the amazing and unforgettable experiences I have had across the globe. If you are just looking for inspiration feel free to browse through the posts below, but if you are looking for an experience in a specific country I suggest you head over to the Round the World Travel Destinations Blog, choose a country there and find out what you can experience in that country.

But before you go, there are 10 things you should do at every destination to have the most amazing experiences and memories. Check out what they are!

Food Experiences Worldwide

If you are looking for delicious food to try all over the world, look no further. The below posts all focus on the most exquisite food on the planet. 

Shirasudon at Akimoto in Kamakura Japan

Or were you more interested in some unique drinks you should try? No problem I have some posts about that as well:

I love participating in food tours wherever possible, and I have shared my experiences in the two posts below. 

Experience Holidays and Festivals

These experiences are only possible during a certain time of the year in a certain destination. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time you can experience amazing things. Or you can simply create your travel plans according to the event schedule:

Fuji Shibazakura Festival in Kawaguchiko Japan

Some other experience are more once in a lifetime kind of events. But you never know maybe you will need the knowledge I provide.
If you have been invited to a wedding in Japan, here is what you need to know:

Cultural Experiences Worldwide

Do you want to learn about history and culture. Some experiences can teach you a lot about a destinations. Here are some of the experiences that I found valuable from a cultural perspective:

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