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As part of my trip around the world I spent about 2 months on the African continent. Because traveling Africa can be very tiring, especially if you travel most parts by local bus, I needed a rest. And decided to recover by staying in Zanzibar for over a week.

Zanzibar is a paradise many people don’t have on their radar. But I believe they really should. Zanzibar offers magical beaches, delicious food and lots and lots of culture. You just have to know where to look.

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Things to Do in Zanzibar

On one of my first days in Zanzibar I did something almost every traveler does: I participated in a spice tour. And while it is a very ‘touristy’ thing to do, I believe it has a lot of value and I did learn a lot about spices and Zanzibar. The 3 hour tour was well worth the 15 US dollar that I paid.

Be the spice queen on a spice tour in zanzibar

By the way, before you visit Zanzibar, I suggest you read my Zanzibar and money guide. It will answer all your questions concerning banks, money withdrawal, ATMs, and money exchange on the island.

And while we are on the topic of money. Did you know you can get anywhere on the island for under a dollar? Yes, you really can, by taking the local public transport called a Dala dala. Find out everything you need to know about riding a Dala dala in Zanzibar.

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