7 Ways to Travel the World more Socially
No matter if you are a solo-traveler, travel with your partner or in a small group of friends, it is even more fun to travel and meet other people on the way.
There are basically 3 types of people you can meet on the road:
  • People from your own country
  • People from the destination country
  • People from other countries
All of them have different things to offer you, but they will all make you grow through learning from their experiences, broadening your horizon. This is definitely a part of travel you should aim for.
I can’t stress it enough: Be a social traveler, it will enrich you in so many ways.
Here is our list of ways to travel the world more socially.
Book a Tour
Tours are one of the ways where you can meet any kind of people belonging to the three groups explained above, depending on what kind of tour you book.
You can either book a complete tour from home, that way you will meet new people from your own country.
But you also have the option to book short tours at your destination, and you will meet people from all over the world who will do the same tour with you.
There are also private tours, just you and a local tour guide, giving you the chance to get to know a local and the recommendations that they have. Just make sure to be clear what you want. Namely not just to experience the touristy things.

Take a Class

Take a Yoga Class

Similar to tours there are other activities you can participate in to meet people. Cooking classes or yoga lessons come to mind. They have the added benefit of teaching you about local culture and customs while being social and meeting people from all over the world while sharing experiences.

Stay in an Airbnb

Stay in an Airbnb
Make sure to book a private room or a shared room on Airbnb if you want to meet people. Doing this you will be able to meet the local host, but might even meet other travelers who stay at the same accommodation.
Do you want to know how to find the local hosts on Airbnb? Read our instructions here.

Use Couchsurfing

with couchsurfing guests in kamakura japan
Couchsurfing has two ways for you to meet other people.
  1. You stay with a local host in their home (it’s free, so make sure to bring a thank you gift, and also maybe invite them to dinner or something to show you are thankful)
  2. Just hang out with other couchsurfers at your destination. There are official meetups everywhere in the world. But you can also tell the world that you want to hang out and might find someone new to meet at your destination.
If you want more info about Couchsurfing check out our blog post on being a Couchsurfing host.

Go to Where the Local Hang Out

Pub where the locals hang out

This might be pubs, bars, restaurants, community centers. Of course to connect with locals in places like that you will have to be an extrovert, able to go up to people and start a conversation.

Find People to Travel with on Social Media

Find Travellers on Facebook
I have seen this in some Facebook groups lately. Solo-travelers who say where they plan to go and when they plan to go there. They are looking for other people to travel with them because they find traveling alone is too scary for the destination they have in mind, or they just want someone to share the experience with.
Join a couple of travel Facebook groups if you are interested in this form of social travel.

Stay in a Hostel

Stay in a Hostel
This one is probably the most obvious. Backpackers stay in hostels to meet other backpackers in the common areas of the hostels. To share stories of their travels and to make new friends from all over the world. Some even continue traveling together.
Do you know any other way to connect with people while traveling? Let us know. And please also tell us about your experiences with the ones I mentioned above.
Being social also means leaving your comfort zone sometimes. Don’t be afraid.
If you need help communicating with the people you meet on your travels read our tips on ways to connect with people who don’t speak English.

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