Halloween in Japan and where to celebrate Halloween in Tokyo. Celebrate Halloween in Shibuya this year. The biggest Halloween party in Tokyo. #JapanTravel #CulturalTravel #Halloween
Like many other “western” holidays, for example Valentines Day and Christmas, Halloween in Japan is an experience unique to the country with its own traditions, style and events.

Halloween is actually a very recent development in Japan. It probably started with amusement parks like Disney World in Tokyo and Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, that were the first to offer a Halloween experience in the land of the rising sun.

When I first came to Japan in 2010 Halloween wasn’t really on the radar for me, but as far as I could find out Halloween in Tokyo was already celebrated, although it wasn’t such a huge event as Halloween in Tokyo 2017.

Halloween Mystery Frappucchino in Japan
Halloween in Japan was and is first and foremost an event the Japanese use to make money. You can’t imagine how much money can be made leading up to the end of October.
There are not only the amusement parks that manage to draw huge crowds with Halloween themed parades and scary attractions, but also Halloween costumes and decoration and even Halloween themed food (like at Kentucky Fried Chicken or my local bakery).
If you want to experience Halloween in Tokyo the first place you should go to is a Don Quijote where you can buy a costume and also decoration, sweets and anything else you might need to get yourself into the crazy Japanese Halloween spirit. You can find the closest Don Quijote on their website.
For Halloween in Japan 2017 there is also a mystery Frappuccino at Starbucks that you shouldn’t miss. It was actually sold only very briefly, but was still available even a couple of days after the 31st of October. I am sure with the success in 2017 there will be a new Halloween themed drink for Japanese Halloween 2018 as well.

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From September onwards you could already see the first decorations stating “Happy Halloween” (in English) in many shops and restaurants in Tokyo.
The supermarkets also started stocking up on Halloween themed foods, snacks and drinks. As you might now I love exploring the shops and supermarkets of everywhere I visit and I encourage you to do the same. If you need some inspiration, not for Halloween themed snacks, but for some crazy Japanese snacks you can get all year round check out my post.

Halloween is Great for the Economy

Hearing about all this it is probably no wonder that Halloween is also great for the Japanese economy. Being such a huge event now that it had an estimated price tag of 122 billion Yen of spending on costumes, treats, and entertainments during Halloween season 2016. This number is expected to be topped again this year.

Halloween in Shibuya

So where can you celebrate Halloween in Tokyo?
The top answer is Shibuya, where on the weekend of Halloween the whole area turns into one big party. A lot of police is dispatched on Friday as well as Saturday and thousands of costumed people, Japanese and foreigners alike, show of their creativity. Everyone takes selfies with random strangers on the streets and of course the clubs in Shibuya are a hotspot for dancing.
Even though the last trains leave well before 1 o’clock in the morning the party doesn’t die down until the early morning hours. You can alternatively book a hotel in Shibuya so you don’t have to worry about trains at all.

Japanese Halloween on TV

Halloween in Shibuya has become such a huge deal that it has been covered in many TV programs.
They also cover the most popular or creative costumes of the year.
Other TV programs try to tell busy moms what kind of Halloween themed foods they should make for their kids. And of course you also get tips what kind of costumes to buy this year for Halloween (and where).

Trick or Treat

Halloween for children in Ningyocho
In the streets of Ningyocho, where I live I can see that another tradition has made it from the west over to Japan: Trick or Treating.
Like anywhere else the children dress up in costumes. I have seen many a princess in the last couple of days, but also little Harry Potters, fairies and, of course, superheroes.
But from here it all goes a little bit differently from anywhere else in the world.
They don’t go from house to house, because in the middle of Tokyo there are no single family homes, but rather high tower mansions. They go from shop to shop trick or treating to get some sweets. I even saw some children get something Halloween sweets at McDonalds.

Halloween in Japan ends before the 31st of October

By the way, I was walking around today to take some more pictures of sweets and shop decorations and realized: In Japan, Halloween is over before Halloween is over. They held all the events on the weekend before so even though Halloween is officially on the 31st of October, in Japan, it feels kind of over already.

In Conclusion

All in all, I have to say, Japan is doing a great job for everyone who wants to get into the Halloween spirit. From young to old, there is some Japanese style Halloween for everyone.
No matter if you are planning a trip to Japan in October for Halloween or at any other time of the year, this 2 weeks in Japan itinerary will make your time even more unforgettable.

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How the Japanese Celebrate Halloween | Halloween in Japan | Holidays | Traditions | Culture | Travel Japan | Tokyo | #Travel #CulturalTravel
Halloween in Japan and where to celebrate Halloween in Tokyo. Celebrate Halloween in Shibuya this year. The biggest Halloween party in Tokyo. #JapanTravel #CulturalTravel #Halloween


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