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Do you want to travel around the world? What if I told you that it is easier than you think? No matter where you are in the process of becoming a world traveler, you can find some resources that will help you in the process.

Looking for Round the World Travel Inspiration

Because my RTW travel style is only one of many and I would like to share with you as many options as possible for your round the world trip, I have started asking other world explorers to share their travel experiences with me in the form of guest posts.

The first post is by Nina who traveled 8 months in Europe. Find out about her travel style, budget and must have travel essentials as well as her greatest challenge, one thing she learned while traveling and her favorite experience and accommodation during that trip.

If you want to know what it is like backpacking Latin America extensively for 16 months, the guest post by Julie should be a must read for you.

And if you fancy a trip around the whole world, no matter if you want to go for 3, 6 or 12 months, you will for sure find inspiration by reading Zenja’s around the world in 182 days!

Thinking About Doing a RTW Trip

So, you haven’t decided if you want to do a trip around the world? No problem. I am here to convince you what a great experience it is. Let me tell you, that while it can be very challenging, you will learn and grow in ways that you can’t if you don’t go (I even put together a post together with fellow world travelers about all the things they learned by traveling the world). A trip around the world is a once in a lifetime experience.

Planning a Round the World Trip

For future world explorers I have created some resources that will definitely help you get to your trip around the world faster.

Want to do a trip around the world?
Start planning NOW!

Using the RTW Travel Prep Checklist including 50+ planning tasks.

Currently Traveling Around the World

If you are already done with your travel planning and have started on your trip, then this blog category can’t do much for you anymore. Still, you might want to have a look at my post about 7 Different Ways of Communication. It might help you communicate when speaking English is not an option. 

Additionally, I do have some other categories on my blog that will be of interest to you while you are traveling:

  • Round the World Travel Destinations Blog: If you haven’t planned every single detail of your current trip yet, you will find some more inspiration from my experiences traveling around the world
  • Stay with Locals Blog: In case you do already know where you want to go but you are still interested in trying something new, you can learn how to stay with locals all over the world using different websites such as Couchsurfing, Servas, Airbnb and even

Finished a Trip Around the World

If you are already back home from your extended travels, or a trip around the world, you have some knowledge I don’t have yet: What it is like to come back from traveling. Whether it is hard to go back to living in the same place or a huge relieve to have a routine.

As soon as I do make the experience, after my trip around the world has ended sometimes in June or July 2019 I will be sure to let you know how I feel about being back.

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