Local travel tips are basically ‘how to’-guides for things you might need to know when you have reached a certain destination. This can be anything from how to get money, over how to ride local public transport, to how to buy a sim card.

If you are looking for local travel tips for a specific destination I suggest you head over to my Round the World Travel Destination Blog, choose your country and read about the local travel tips for that specific country.

Local Customs

Rotenburo at Ikaho Onsen

Sometimes you need guidance from a local if you want to do some cultural activity. 


It’s not always easy to get money when you are traveling. I realized this for the first time when I was in Zanzibar, a beautiful island in Tanzania. Before you visit Zanzibar, check out my post about how to get money in Zanzibar:

Public Transport

old fashioned dala dala in Zanzibar

Trains, busses, taxis or Uber? Depending on where you are your transportation options are different. Learn where you should take what kind of public transport and why.



Sim Cards

Everywhere I travel to I want to have access to the internet. The cheapest option here is to buy a local sim card. It’s not always the easiest option, and sometimes I buy the wrong card with only slow access. To avoid my mistakes, read through my list of ‘How to buy a sim card in …’ posts.

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