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First stop on my trip around the world was Hong Kong. And it is a great place to start, if you ask me. It’s a big city with lots to do, see and experience, but it is also very safe, everyone is helpful and friendly, and most people speak English very well.

Since I only spent 5 days in Hong Kong I only have 2 blog posts for you so far. But if I ever find enough time, there would be much more to write about. If you want to know what I am up to and what posts I publish, subscribe to my mailing list.

Things to Do in Hong Kong

There is a LOT to do in Hong Kong. If you have the time I suggest staying more than the 5 days I was there and just really explore all the different neighborhoods. I basically managed to see the highlights, and even missed the great Buddha. An activity for my next visit I guess.

In any case, if you are looking for some fun and interesting activities in Hong Kong, have a look at my Hong Kong like a local guide, including many recommendations from my Hong Kong local Couchsurfing host.

Peak Tram going up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

What to Eat in Hong Kong

I figured I had no idea what to eat in Hong Kong, and so I signed up for a food tour. Best decision I could have made. In about 3 hours I learned so much about the Hong Kong food culture and actually also Hong Kongs history that I gained a new appreciation for the place.

Did I forget to mention that the food was also delicious. If you want to do a food tour during your visit to Hong Kong, check out the full post with all the necessary information before your trip.

Do you want to know what other destinations I have visited after Hong Kong on my trip around the world? Head to the Round the World Travel Destination Blog and find out!

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