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RTW Travel Planning

Print and answer ‘First 10 questions for your RTW travel planning’ from my post ‘I want to travel the world. Where do I start?’

But I also have a checklist of the 50+ things you need to do when you plan a RTW trip called ‘RTW Travel Prep Checklist’. As soon as you finish a planning task, check it off your list. It will feel so good, trust me.

You don’t want to forget anything important when you start on your trip around the world, am I right. So, have a look at my ‘RTW Travel Packing List’.

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Is Japan one of the destinations on your trip around the world? It should be. And while you are there you can follow my itineraries easily by downloading Google Maps and checklists for all destinations within Japan.

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Staying with Locals

The best way to travel in-depth is by staying with locals everywhere you go. If this is a new concept for you, get the ‘Couchsurfing Signup Checklist’ to make your Couchsurfing profile pop.

Use my ‘Personal Stay Request Cheatsheet’ to write stay requests that no one can say no to, and if communication with your host ever gets hard use my ‘Visual Communication Supportsheet’ to get your message across.

Also don’t forget to bring your ‘Manner Guide For Guests’ on your stays so you will leave the best impression possible and get amazing reviews!

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