7 Ways to Travel the World More Socially

October 11, 2017|Lena
7 Ways to Travel the World more Socially

How Meeting a Cape Town Local Changed My Life Forever

October 5, 2017|Lena
How meeting a cape town local changed my life forever

A Bird’s Eye View of Oslo – for Free!

September 28, 2017|Lena
A Birds eye view of oslo

Popular Japanese Snacks That are Just Weird and Where to Buy Them

September 16, 2017|Lena
Popular Japanese Snacks That are Just Weird and Where to Buy Them Online

How a Trip to NYC Resulted in an International Friendship and a Trip to Sweden

September 14, 2017|Lena
international friendship and a trip to sweden

7 Different Ways of Communication – When Speaking English isn’t Enough

September 11, 2017|Lena
Connect with locals without using english

Want to Cool Off? Eat Soft Serve Ice Cream in Japan

September 7, 2017|Lena
Soft Serve Ice Cream in Japan

Is Airbnb Illegal in Japan? (Yes, Kind Of)

September 3, 2017|Lena
Is airbnb illegal in japan

Off the Beaten Path in Tokyo Ningyocho (Doll Town)

September 1, 2017|Lena
off the beaten path in tokyo ningyocho

10 Things to Do at Every Destination

August 30, 2017|Lena
10 things to do at every destination
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