9 Things Not to Miss on a Day Trip to Nikko from Tokyo

July 10, 2018|Lena Scheidler
Don't miss these 10 experiences on a day trip to Nikko from Tokyo. One of Japan's World Heritage Sites. See the temples and shrines, beautiful nature and enjoy Onsen (Hot Springs) on a day trip from Tokyo. #TravelJapan #DayTrip #CulturalTravel

The Hype Around Clear Soda and Other Clear Japanese Drinks

July 8, 2018|Lena Scheidler
The hype around Clear Soda and other clear Japanese drinks. Try these Japanese non-alcoholic drinks when you visit Japan. They are refreshing and unique drinks to try in Japan. Put them on your Japan bucket list. #culinarytravel #japantravel #drinks

I Want to Travel the World. Where Do I Start?

July 5, 2018|Lena Scheidler
I want to travel the world. Where do I start?

10 Things to Do in Kawaguchiko – A Fuji Five Lakes Itinerary

June 29, 2018|Lena Scheidler
10 Things to do in Kawaguchiko. A day trip to Fuji Five Lakes and Mount Fuji. One of the best day trips from Tokyo. Learn where the best Fujisan viewing spots are and what kind of Japanese food to enjoy in Fujigoko. #TravelJapan #Thingstodo

3 Best Onsen in Tokyo – My Favorite Hot Springs in Tokyo

June 21, 2018|Lena Scheidler
3 Best Onsen in Tokyo - My favorite hot springs in Tokyo. From Odeo Onsen Monogatari to other Tokyo Onsen in the center of the city. Which is the best Onsen in Tokyo? Get the answer! #TravelJapan #Onsen #CulturalTravel

What to eat at Tokyo Station? Tonkatsu Teishoku at Suzuki

June 17, 2018|Lena Scheidler
What to eat at Tokyo Station? How about a Tonkatsu Teishoku at Tonkatsu Suzuki one of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo. In my opinion the best food in Tokyo you need to try during your stay in Tokyo. And one of the many great things to do in Tokyo. Put it on your Japan Bucket List! #TravelJapan #CulinaryTravel #RestaurantReview

The Perfect Itinerary for 2 Weeks in Japan

May 23, 2018|Lena Scheidler

Ikaho Onsen – One of the best Onsen in Japan

May 16, 2018|Lena Scheidler

What to Do in 5 Days in Tokyo – an Insiders Guide to Culture, History and Modern Japan

May 9, 2018|Lena Scheidler
5 days in Tokyo itinerary. Everything you need to know about your visit to Tokyo.

How to have an Authentic and Unique Homestay in Japan

April 29, 2018|Lena Scheidler
How to have an Authentic and Unique Homestay in Japan
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