25 Unique Non-alcoholic Drinks in Japan You Have to Try

February 17, 2019|Lena Scheidler

2 Days in Taipei with Recommendations from a Local

February 16, 2019|Lena Scheidler
2 days in Taipei with recommendations from a local

Where to Buy the Japan Rail Pass and Everything Else You Need to Know

February 13, 2019|Lena Scheidler
Where to buy the japan rail pass

Day Trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo – The Best Places to See Mount Fuji

February 10, 2019|Lena Scheidler
Day Trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo Best places to see Mount Fuji

How 3 Months Backpacking Latin America Became 16

February 3, 2019|Lena Scheidler

Nina Out and About’s Accidental Europe Adventure

January 22, 2019|Lena Scheidler
nina out and about's accidental europe adventure

What Travel Teaches You – Benefits of Traveling Around the World

January 12, 2019|Lena Scheidler
benefits of traveling around the world

My Perfect Kamakura Day Trip Itinerary from Tokyo

January 7, 2019|Lena Scheidler

The Best Travel Pillow for Long Haul Flights – Trtl Travel Pillow

January 4, 2019|Lena Scheidler
The best travel pillow for long haul flights is the Trtl Travel Pillow. It will let you sleep in comfort for hours without getting a stiff neck. Buy it and try it!

Taking the CTM Bus in Morocco – Buy CTM Tickets, Find CTM Bus Stations & Go

December 30, 2018|Lena Scheidler
Taking the CTM bus in Morocco. All you need to know. How to book a CTM ticket yourself and information about CTM bus stations in Morocco.
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