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Meeting Locals on a One Year Trip Around The World

I teach busy millennials
how to have an unforgettable trip around the world,
through short stays with locals,
without wasting valuable time or money.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then dive into the content of my blog:

RTW Travel Planning

You want to do a trip around the world but don’t know how to get started?

Head over to the
Round The World Travel Planning Blog
and start planning your trip around the world.
Step by step.

I am also recommending
Travel Products and Services
that are especially useful if you are planning a trip around the world!

Stay With Locals

The second part of my mission is to teach you how you can stay with locals all over the world.

Head to the Stay With Locals Blog for all posts on the topic.

Travel Destinations

I write about the destinations I visit so you can use my itinerary posts as inspiration and also give you useful local travel tips, to tell you about the amazing experiences you can have and much more.

Head over to the
Round The World Travel Destination Blog
to find all the destinations I have visited.

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