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Destination Bucket List

Destination Bucket List

There are 10 things I think you should do at every destination, no matter how long you are staying. These 10 things should be your Destination Bucket List to make all your travel experiences the best experiences you could possibly have without any regrets.

The blog post about what the 10 things are can be found here

And so you don't forget one of the 10 while traveling, I have created this handy printable for you.

Visucal Communication Sheet

Just print and take these icon sheets with you on all your travels. If you ever have trouble making yourself be understood when talking to someone from another country, take them out and then just point at the icon that represents whatever you are trying to say. No matter if you are looking for Wifi, a hospital or a hairdresser. 

There are other ways to connect with locals without using English. I have created a list for you here.

The Social Travel Experiment Visual Communication Sheet FREE Printable
Couchsurfing Check-List

Couchsurfing Check-List

So you want to try Couchsurfing? Great, it will be an amazing experience, no matter if you are hosting or if you are planning on surfing yourself. But there are a couple of things you should do when you sign up to the website and also when you want to host or surf. If you want more information on what Couchsurfing is all about read on here.

I have put together a simple check list for you to go over after you have signed up to Couchsurfing. If you have checked each bullet point you are good to go!

Short Trip Packing List using Couchsurfing

If you are planning a short trip for two to three days where you will stay with someone in their home using Couchsurfing or something similar you can use this packing list. Check off all items as you go. Super useful for every short trip, extra useful for short trips using Couchsurfing. If you need more information about the Packing List here is the corresponding post.

Packing List for Short Trips using Couchsurfing

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